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Jaimeson poster - True

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Original ‘Jamieson’ poster for the single ‘True, featuring Angel Blue’

‘True’ is a dance track released by Jaimeson featuring Angel Blu. Angel Blue is the main vocalist on the track, with Jaimeson providing the rapping.

Jaimeson, real name Jamie Williams is best known for this dance track which peaked at number 4 on the UK Singles Chart in 2003. Jaimeson also ran his own record label, in addition to dealing with his own promotion. In 2004, Jaimeson starred in the BBC 3 documentary, Tower Block Dreams, in the episode 'Grimetime to Primetime'.

This is an original poster from 2003 used in record shops to promote the track and never sold to the general public at the time.

30" x 20" inches

Good 'Original' Condition