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Our original Manic Street Preachers Posters date back to 2001. 'The Manics' were discovered by legendary DJ John Peel in the early 90's and given valuable late-night airtime releasing their debut album 'Generation Terrorists' in 1992.

Formed in Blackwood in 1986 and originally comprised of James Dean Bradfield (lead vocals and guitar), Nicky Wire (bass guitar, lyrics), Sean Moore (drums) and Richey Edwards (rhythm guitar, lyrics), however Edwards left in 1995 and the rest of the band have continued as a trio since. All of our Manic Street Preachers posters are 100% original and exclusive to the Original Poster Shop.

Manic Street Preachers form a key part of the 1990s Welsh Cool Cymru cultural movement.

Following the release of their debut single "Suicide Alley", the band was joined by Richey Edwards as co-lyricist and rhythm guitarist. The band's early albums were in a punk vein, eventually broadening to a greater alternative rock sound, whilst retaining a leftist political outlook. Their early combination of androgynous glam imagery and lyrics about "culture, alienation, boredom and despair" gained them a loyal following and cult status.

Their debut album, Generation Terrorists, was released in February 1992, followed by Gold Against The Soul in the next year, and The Holy Bible in the year after that. The group became a trio again after Richey Edwards disappeared in February 1995, and the formation has remained stable since. The band went on to gain critical and commercial success despite this absence.

Throughout their career, the Manics have headlined several festivals including Glastonbury, T in the Park, V Festival and Reading, won eleven NME Awards, eight Q Awards and four BRIT Awards. They have been nominated for the Mercury Prize in 1996 and 1999, and have had one nomination for the MTV Europe Music Awards.

The group reached number 1 in the UK charts three times: in 1998, with the album This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours and the single "If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next", and again in 2000 with the single "The Masses Against the Classes". They have sold more than ten million albums worldwide.

Manic Street Preachers tracks include:

  • Motown Junk.
  • You Love Us.
  • Little Baby Nothing.
  • La Tristesse Durera (Scream to a Sigh)
  • Faster.
  • A Design for Life.
  • Tsunami.
  • Your Love Alone (Is Not Enough)
  • If you tolerate this, your children will be next
  • Motorcycle Emptiness

All of our Manic Street Preachers posters are 100% original and exclusive to The Original Poster Shop.