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The Original Poster Shop specialises in music posters that date back many decades.

We hold one of the world’s largest stock of authentic original rock, pop and movie posters. Whether you are a serious collector, are looking to build a collection or simply looking for an ideal, unique, quality gift, we have a poster for you. 

So why choose us?

There are many outlets you can purchase posters from, so what makes us different? The answer is in the product itself. The vast majority of poster suppliers in the world today sell reproduction posters. These are modern, reprinted posters that are produced at a much later date than the originals. On the face of it, these copies may look virtually the same as the originals, but that is where the similarity ends. When buying a reproduction poster, you are in essence buying a novelty item, an item that although may superficially look the part, has no real value, history and is certainly not an investment. 

We at The Original Poster Shop only ever provide our customers with original Record and Film Company licensed authentic posters. These posters are beautifully printed, using only the finest quality materials. They were produced and the time that the event or product was being promoted, making them a true piece from the era. Bearing in mind that the majority of the posters were manufactured to be displayed outside, in inclement weather, they are not only beautiful, but also incredibly durable collectors items. 

Are posters a good investment?

The answer is a resounding “Yes”. As long as you are buying an original licensed promotional poster, which is all we will ever provide you with at The Original Poster Shop, you are purchasing an item which, if correctly cared for, will hold and in most cases substantially increase in value as the years go by. How many sure fire investments can you hang on your wall and admire every day? 

So please remember not all posters or poster shops are equal. If you want to buy authentic posters, if you want to buy quality posters, if you want to buy original posters, buy from The Original Poster Shop. 

We at The Original Poster Shop are eager to assist you, whether you are making your first poster purchase or looking to build and improve your collection into a poster portfolio to be proud of. See our full catalogue listing here, buy online here or if you have any further queries, or wish to call us to discuss your requirements, please contact us.

What makes us different?


As our name suggests - The Original Poster Shop - we are just that - We sell original posters used to promote the entertainment industry.

Unseen memorabilia 

Our limited lithographic and screen-printed posters are the genuine promotional posters used to promote the bands.


The majority of our posters are in mint condition, carefully stored and ready to be displayed.


Some of our memorabilia is extremely rare, most are unique to the The Original Poster Shop.


We guarantee authenticity - our posters have been sourced direct from the printers who were contracted by the bands and promoters.

Mobile friendly

The Original Poster Shop website is designed for an optimum user experience on mobile, so take us with you!

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Why The Original Poster Shop?

Originality is a our key, 100% litho printed original posters for collectors.