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Are posters a good investment?

That is an excellent question. The answer is a resounding “Yes” As long as you are buying an original licensed promotional poster, which is all we will ever provide you with at The Original Poster Shop, you are purchasing an item which if correctly cared for, will hold and in most cases substantially increase in value as the years go by. How many sure fire investments can you hang on your wall and admire every day? 

So please remember not all posters or poster shops are equal. If you want to buy authentic, if you want to buy quality, if you want to buy original, buy from The Original Poster Shop.

Are the posters rolled or folded?

All of our posters come rolled and will be posted to you in a cardboard tube with the exception of the Knebworth poster (which is 60" x 40" Adhsell format) and comes machine folded as it was when originally supplied for display in airport concourses and bus shelters etc.

Are your posters original or reprints?

As our name suggests, all our posters are 100% original, printed at the time of the tour or promotion. Our stock consists of printers 'overs' that were part of the original print run and have been stored for many years, only now released for sale.

Do you guarantee authenticity?

Yes, we guarantee authenticity - all of our posters have been sourced direct from the printers who were contracted by the bands and promoters at the time of the tour or promotion taking place. Some posters date back 20 years or more.

Do you offer any discount?

Yes, occasionally we offer discounts - the best way to see what is currently available is to simply sign-up to our newsletter to get all the latest news and offers 

How big are your posters?

We stock two sizes of posters: 30" x 20" (76cm x 51cm) and 60" x 40" (152cm x 102cm) - the medium size ones were originally created mainly for music stores while the larger ones were produced for outdoor media use such as Adshell sites such Bus shelters, concourses in airports and other large displays.

All posters are supplied rolled apart from the Knebworth poster picture below and the Linkin Park display card.

The photo below shows the dimension of our larger posters. Please ensure you have enough wall space to display these before purchasing as they are over 1.5m high x 1m wide.

What condition are the posters in?

Every poster we stock will be in excellent or unmarked condition.

We use a generic 'good 'original' condition' description for most posters, but as most are still packed in their original packing from when they were printed in the 1990's onwards, the condition for most is 'as new'.

Any posters we come across that have creases, tears or other imperfections will generally be sold to trade buyers so that we can reliably sell only unmarked posters on our website.

If you do receive posters that are not in excellent condition, we normally find this is due to damage in transit, despite our best efforts to package as securely as possible. As such, all our posters are insured, so let us know with a photo of the poster and the damaged packaging and we will normally refund or replace.

Why do some posters have blue backs?

Blue back posters allow poster contractors to apply to existing billboards and hoardings with existing posters as it obscures the poster behind. As all of our posters are 100% original, this confirms their authenticity as a company printing reproduction poster would not need to do this.

Blue back poster printing is generally on a wet strength outdoor poster paper printed with waterproof UV stable outdoor inks. These are normally 60" x 40" in size and designed for display in airport concourses, bus shelters, shopping centres and other 'outdoor' media locations.

poster and the damaged packaging and we will normally refund or replace.

What payment options do you have?

You can use all major credit cards on our site via shopPay or G Pay.