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Radiohead poster - Amnesiac Album - Ist generation reprint

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Radiohead poster for the Amnesiac album

Radiohead Amnesiac Poster scanned from the original poster and printed on 250gsm silk art.

In between arena tours and Number One albums, Radiohead want to get away from it all. Not a week in Goa or a summer in Provence but a more complete escape: oblivion. The songs on Amnesiac contemplate suicide, divorce, paranoia and mysterious disappearances, and the music follows them into the ether. 

Amnesiac is the work of a band determined to pursue its most wayward and musicianly impulses wherever they might lead. As such, it’s clear proof that the progressive-rock impulse survived the twentieth century. On Amnesiac, which was made during the same recording sessions that yielded Kid A last year, Radiohead have set out to erase all that their listeners once expected.
Acting like a bunch of artists — not, as in most current rock, a business consortium touting a consistent product — Radiohead continue to slough off the style that made them standard-bearers for anthemic Brit pop in the 1990s.
30" x 20" (51cm x 81cm)

1st generation reprint - new