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Kings Of Leon poster - Molly's Chambers

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Kings Of Leon poster for Molly's Chambers

Released in 2003, this is an original promo poster for Molly's Chamber's which was a ballad about a girl called Molly with extreme virtue; she catches the attention of a hero who's referred to as 'you' and 'your'. The hero is a highway robber who robs Captain Farrell of some gold and takes it to Molly, however Molly decides Captain Farrell has more wealth so she exchanges his bullets into water in the hero's pistol: 'she's got your pistol'. 

Then she alerts the Captain who kills the hero, he is unable to defend himself because his bullets are water so he dies. It was one of the three songs they wrote when they disappeared off the map preferring to stay at their mother's basement with weed and food provided by her, than a normal recording studio.

The title was taken from a line in Thin Lizzy's version of the traditional Irish folk song 'Whiskey in the Jar'.

Volkswagen used 'Molly's Chambers' as the entire audio track in a television commercial advertising the Volkswagen Jetta. It was also subsequently released as downloadable content for the Rock Band video game series in 2009.

These are 'brand new' stock original Kings of Leon posters available exclusively from The Original Poster Shop and not available anywhere elsewhere.

30" x 20" or 60" x 40" inches

(Please note the larger size as this is an original 'Adshel' format designed for outdoor advertising and is supplied rolled)

Good 'Original' Condition