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Leftfield posters - Leftism

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Original or First-generation reprint

Leftfield poster for Leftism -  Original and first-generation reprints

Leftfield are a British electronica act, formed in 1982 by Paul Daley and Neil Barnes. One of the most respected acts ever to grace the genre of British dance music, the duo have collaborated with such artists as Tony Halliday, Afro-Left and Johnny Rotten. Leftism is the first album released in 1995 on Colombia Records and it had big success despite everyone's doubts.

Hailed as one of dance music's first major album-length statements, Leftism recalls the anything-goes spirit of the mid-'90s, when the UK's rave culture was opening up to new ideas. Trance-inducing tracks like "Black Flute" and "Space Shanty" paid tribute to long nights in muddy fields, but others-from the sci-fi chirps of "Release the Pressure" to the ambient synths and spoken word of "21st Century Poem" had wider vistas in mind, including world-music accents and even a John Lydon cameo. Breakbeat-laced cuts ("Storm 3000"), meanwhile, introduced the world to a quintessentially British take on techno.
30" x 20" inches

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