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Garbage poster - Cherry Lips

£24.99 GBP

Original ‘Garbage’ promo poster for the single release ‘Cherry Lips’

Taken from their third album 'Beautiful Garbage', 'Cherry Lips' was the second of four singles released from the album. It proved to be a massive hit in Australia, spending five non-consecutive weeks in the top ten, and was certified Gold by the Australian Recording Industry Association. The video for the single was directed by Joseph Kahn and saw the band performing in a loft space, but only seen on mirror reflections, on monitor displays or reflected in the camera lens. The band are portrayed as being invisible. The special effect was rendered by filming Garbage wrapped in green gauze suits under their clothing and digitally replacing their bodies with the background. The twist ending showed the invisible Manson urinating while standing up. Manson admitted later that she regretted the video being quoted as it being a ‘shockingly bad idea’. All our Garbage posters are 100% original, having been stored for many years, only now released for general sale and are exclusive to The Original Poster Shop.

30" x 20" inches

Good "Original" Condition