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Korn poster - Thoughtless

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Original litho-printed Korn poster for the single release Thoughtless.

‘Thoughtless’ is the second single released from their fifth studio album, ‘Untouchables’. The single is about the bands front man Jonathan Davis' being assaulted and harassed in school and dreaming of seeking revenge on those who bully him.
Jonathan Davis, the vocalist of Korn, said that "Thoughtless" is "a song about people who are constantly ridiculed and the collateral damage it can cause".
In the video, a high-school aged boy portrayed by Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad fame. Aaron Paul's character's name appears in the yearbook as "Floyd", which was the working title for "Thoughtless" on the unmastered, leaked version of Untouchables.

30" x 20" inches

Good 'Original' Condition