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Charlotte Poster - Queen of Hearts

$39.00 USD

Charlotte poster for the single Queen of Hearts

Charlotte Kelly was born in Coventry, England whose parents were owners of a record store called "Moonshine". Kelly was born blind at birth with no sight at all in her left eye and virtually none in her right eye, but at a young age, Kelly wanted to be a singer after listening to the music played in her parents' record store.

She started her career as a singer at the age of sixteen and signed her first contract with Big Life Records. In 1994, she was introduced to Jazzie B (of Soul II Soul) who would produce her third single "Queen of Hearts". The song featured background vocals from Lamya (of Soul II Soul).

Kelly toured as a background singer for Soul II Soul and was later asked to become a full time member and was one of the lead vocalists of the group.

60" x 40" inches

Good 'Original' Condition