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2Pac poster - "Until The End of Time" . Original

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Rare original 2Pac promotional poster for the Until The End of Time single

Possibly the greatest rap artist of all time, Tupac Shakur's untimely death in 1996 helped ensure his status as a true hip-hop legend. Posthumously selling over a staggering 30 million records, Tupac's legacy continues to grow year on year. Since his passing he has influenced countless artists including Eminem, The Game and 50 Cent.

'Until the End of Time' was the 2001 single from 2Pac album of the same name. It charted at 52 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was a big contributor to the 4 x Platinum album. Featuring R.L. Huggar from the R&B group Next with an alternate version featuring Mr. Mister's lead singer and bassist Richard Page on vocals and bass.

30" x 20" inches

Good 'Original' Condition