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Britney Spears poster - Everytime

£29.99 GBP

Original Britney Spears poster for the single release ‘Everytime’.

‘Everytime’ was written by Britney Spears with the lyrics being a plea for forgiveness for inadvertently hurting a former lover. The song received universal
acclaim, with critics complimenting its haunting lyrics and the organic feel of the song in comparison with most of the tracks on its host album. Spears'
maturity in the production and her songwriting abilities were also complimented.

Released in 2003, the song has been named one of Spears' best ballads. ‘Everytime’ was a commercial success, peaking inside the top five in most countries.

These are the official posters never released to the public before used to promote the single on its release in 6-sheet format displays which are found
in high streets, rail stations and airports.


60” x 40” inches

(Please note size as this is an original 'Adshel' format designed for outdoor advertising and is supplied rolled)

Good 'Original' Condition