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Deafening Divinities With Aural Affinities poster - The Beggars Banquet Collection Volume 2

£29.99 GBP

Original ‘Deafening Divinities With Aural Affinities - The Beggars Banquet Collection Volume 2 (BBCv2)’ promo poster.

‘BBCv2’ is a complimation rock album released in ’93 through Beggars Banquet Records Ltd., featuring: Radial Spangle, Sundial, The Nefilim, The hair & Skin Trading Company, Mercury Rev, Daniel Ash, Polyphemus, Carnival Art, Terminal Power Company, Love and Rockets and Main.

60” x 40” inches
(Please note size as this is an original 'Adshel' format designed for outdoor advertising and is supplied rolled)

Good "Original" Condition