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Eminem poster - Business

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Original Eminem poster for the Business single

Released back in 1999, this original promo poster for the Business single sees Eminem comparing himself and Dr. Dre, the producer, to fictional crime-fighting duo Batman and Robin, a comparison Eminem first explored in his music video for the previous single 'Without Me'.

The lyrics are backed by one of several Dr. Dre productions on The Eminem Show which, according to CultureDose writer Marty Brown, affords Eminem a 'perfect sound-scape' to inspire emotions in the listener, calling the beat 'a launchpad equally effective for humor or anger'.

DX Magazine editor J-23 called this a 'classic' with Dre beats. 

Kris Ex said 'Em names himself the gatekeeper of hip-hop and obliquely claims to be the best rapper alive: 'The flow's too wet/Nobody close to it/Nobody says it, but everybody knows the shit.'

30" x 20" inches

Good 'Original' Condition