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Fatboy Slim - "SlashDotDash" - Original

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This Fatboy Slim Slash Dot Dash Original Promo Poster is a vibrant and eye-catching piece of artwork that captures the energy and excitement of the iconic DJ's music. The poster features bold graffiti-style lettering, the design incorporates naked men and women, their arms aloft with an airplane flying above and on a vibrant pink/red background.

This original promo poster is a must-have for fans of Fatboy Slim and anyone who loves high-energy dance music. Perfect for displaying in a retail setting, office, living room, or music studio, this poster will add a fun and funky accent to any space.

SlashDotDash is a single by Superstar DJ Producer Fatboy Slim. SlashDotDash was released in September '04 and charted in early October, peaking at No 12 in the UK Single Charts.SlashDotDash was the first release from Fat Boy Slim's fourth studio album Palookaville.

This poster is an original promotional poster from the time of release.

27.5" x 19"

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