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Iron Maiden - "Dance of Death" - Original

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This Iron Maiden Dance of Death original promo poster is a compelling and visually captivating work of art that perfectly captures the essence of the legendary heavy metal band.

This poster is an original promotional poster from the time of release.

The poster, created by artist Dave Patchett features Eddie as the grim reaper surrounded by masked characters in a medieval dance scene.

The poster is printed on high-quality paper and showcases the band's iconic logo in bold letters at the top, making it a must-have item for any Iron Maiden fan or collector.

The intricate details and dark hues of the artwork create a menacing atmosphere that is sure to appeal to fans of horror and heavy metal alike.

With its striking imagery and powerful message, the Iron Maiden Dance of Death original promo poster is a piece of heavy metal music merchandise.

Dance of Death is the 13th Album by English heavy metal band Iron Maiden. Released in September 2003, the album peaked at No 2 in the UK Album Charts, single releases from Dance of Death include, Wildest Dreams and Rainmaker, charting at No 6 and 13 respectively.

Size 27.5" x 19"

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