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Moby poster - Play. Original Large 60" x 40"

£29.99 GBP

Original Moby poster for the release ‘Play’.

‘Play’ is Moby’s 5th studio album which has become a commercial phenomenon. The album opened up Moby to a worldwide audience, with a large number of hit singles, but also through unprecedented licensing of his music in films, television, and commercial advertisements. It eventually became the biggest-selling album of its genre, with over 12 million copies sold worldwide.

Tracks on the Play album include:

  1. Honey
  2. Find My Baby
  3. Porcelain
  4. Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?
  5. South Side
  6. Rushing
  7. Bodyrock
  8. Natural Blues
  9. Machete
  10. 7
  11. Run On
  12. Down Slow
  13. If Things Were Perfect
  14. Everloving
  15. Inside
  16. Guitar Flute & String
  17. The Sky Is Broken
  18. My Weakness
60” x 40” inches
(Please note size as this is an original 'Adshel' format designed for outdoor advertising and is supplied rolled)

Good 'Original' Condition