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MYLO - "In My Arms" - Original

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This poster is an original promotional poster from the time of release of the In My Arms single by EDM DJ/Producer Mylo.

In My Arms was released in May 2005 reaching No 13 in the UK Single Charts. The track features samples from Bette Davies Eyes by Kim Carnes and Boy Meets Girl, Waiting for a Star to Fall. "In My Arm" original promo poster is a bold and eye-catching visual representation of the track title.

The poster features a couple locked in a kiss in one another's arms in a vibrant yellow and pink neon on a black back drop.

The overall effect is one of energy and excitement, with the image and text conveying a sense of confidence and power. The poster is designed to appeal to fans of electronic dance music, as well as anyone interested in bold and innovative visual artwork.

Overall, the "In My Arm" original promo poster is a visually stunning and effective image that captures the spirit of Mylo's music and sure to catch the attention of anyone looking for wall art with a difference.

Size 27.5" x 19" inches

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