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Snoop Dogg - "Beautiful" - Orignal

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This Snoop Dogg original promo poster captures the iconic rapper in all his glory. The striking image features Snoop with his characteristic cool and confident demeanor, a moody close up of Snoops face in black and white. Snoop stands out as the ultimate symbol of laid-back West Coast swagger, making it the perfect statement piece for any rap lover's collection.

With its simple design this Snoop Dogg beautiful original promo poster is a true collector's item that celebrates the enduring legacy of one of hip hop's most beloved icons.

We have a limited number available.

This poster is an original promotional poster from the time of release.

Beautiful is a single released by US rapper Snoop Dogg, featuring Pharrell Williams and Uncle Charlie Wilson.

Beautiful peaked at No 23 in the UK Single Charts in April 2003. It is the second single taken from Snoops sixth album, Paid Tha CostTo Be Da Bo$$.

Size 30" x 20"

Good 'Original' Poster
Very Rare