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The Beautiful South poster - Carry on up the Charts. Original 60"x40"

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Original poster for The Beautiful South – Carry on up the charts

The first album for The Beautiful South produced the Number 2 UK single ‘Song For Whoever’ and the number 8 single ‘You Keep It All In’. Thematically, the band’s lyrics invoked nationalism, domestic violence, football hooliganism and love songs, and the band’s disturbing cover art often drew media attention.

Released in November 1994, this poster for Carry On up the Charts: The Best of The Beautiful South was the group's fifth album, showcasing their first greatest hits collection and a major commercial success. 

The band’s final album was Superbi in 2006, mixed by Bill Price who also worked with the Sex Pistols and Guns 'N' Roses. In January 2007, the band split, joking that the reason was “musical similarities” between band members, satirising the “musical differences” justification used by many bands before a split.

In 2011, Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott rekindled their friendship on Facebook. The duo, hadn't spoken for 10 years, but made a tentative return in Heaton's The 8th, a stage show based around the seven deadly sins, which premiered at the Manchester International Festival. 

When Paul Heaton went to make the next album, he said "it seemed the obvious thing to ask Jacqui if she'd like to make it with me." The album was 'What We Have Become' and to their astonishment, it entered the charts at number three, only held off the number one spot by Michael Jackson and Coldplay.


60" x 40" inches Adshel format


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