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The Shining poster - True Skies - Large 60" x 40"

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Original ‘The Shining’ poster for the debut album ‘True Skies’.

The Shining True Skies album included several worthwhile numbers. “Quicksilver” had big-big sound: a headrush of guitars and jamming bass, Baxter’s triumphant vocals cast in a wash of echoing effects. Its successor, “Young Again”, is a convincing stab at mid-to-late career Verve, with clean, rootsy melodies and vocals that mimic Richard Ashcroft, intentionally or not. And across the board, The SHining are technically superb, working intricate tricks seamlessly into otherwise undemanding sonic terrains. (Take a listen to the drums and glammy guitar solos in “Find Your Way Home” for a case in point.)

In so many ways, the Shining have done everything right—kissed off what’s trendy and instead put together an album that’s full of head, heart, and (Northern) soul. Still, though they are a band with oodles of potential and high expectations, they remain grounded by the inability to fully turn theory into practice. 

60” x 40” inches
(Please note size as this is an original 'Adshel' format designed for outdoor advertising and is supplied rolled)

Good 'Original' Condition