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  • Original music posters 100% authentic and rare

    The world's largest collection of original music posters

  • Oasis posters 100% original and rare

    Over 70 million albums, over 30 awards from the Brits, MTV, NME, and Q

  • Sex Pistols Poster

    Original 1996 'Filthy Lucre Tour' poster

  • Paul Weller posters 100% original and rare

    Classic promo posters for 'The Modfather'

  • Radiohead posters 100% original and rare

    The standard-bearers for progressive, anthemic music.

Original Music and Film Promotional Posters

Authentic, guaranteed 100% original music and film posters

We sell rare and collectable original lithographic and screen-printed music posters, guaranteed 100% genuine.

Rare and collectable posters for music and film fans

All of our original music and film posters were printed as part of the original print run commissioned at the time.

Most of our posters are exclusive to The Original Poster Shop

The majority of the posters we stock are entirely exclusive to us and cannot be found anywhere else.

The world’s largest collection of original 1990’s - Mid 2000's music promo posters.

We stock a huge range of original music posters that were produced to promote singles albums and tours.
We specialise in posters for Brit Pop bands, classic rock groups, legendary singer-songwriters and chart topping acts including:
Oasis posters, Muse posters, Paul Weller posters, Rolling Stones posters, Spice Girls posters, Gorillaz posters, Radiohead posters, Linkin Park posters as well as many Metal, Punk, Rage, Rap and Hip Hip posters.